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Dr. Neavin at ASPS for Hair Transplant Talk

hair transplant

Dr. Neavin at the ASPS discussing hair transplant and eyebrow transplant.

Dr. Neavin was asked by the PSEN (Plastic Surgery Education Network) at the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) in Orlando, Florida, to discuss male plastic surgery, hair transplant, and eyebrow transplant surgery.   Dr. Neavin, along with Dr. Keith Jeffords, Dr. Brian Heil, and Dr. Ernie Manders reviewed different methods, techniques, and trends in the field of hair transplantation, including FUE and the highly popular NeoGraft that uses automated follicular unit extraction.

Dr. Neavin presented some of his experiences with eyebrow transplantation in both in men and women, as well as some of the more challenging  hair transplantation cases including patients with prior hair transplants who have had the antiquated strip (FUT) method. All surgeons agreed that the scars generated by FUT are difficult to correct, but by punching out the scars and transplanting the hairs in two stages, rather than one,  appears to be the most predictable method for improving the defects.  Other topics reviewed were placement techniques and strategies for younger men, non-surgical hair restoration using platelet rich plasma, and beard transplants.

Dr. Neavin also spoke on penis enlargement and enhancement using PRP and micronized fat to improve sensation and size, as well as volume enhancement to the face to masculanize the face, including the use of autologous fat and dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Radiuses.

The panel universally agreed that (1) PRP therapy to the scalp in the right patient population is most efficacious with multiple sessions over the span of six months and (2) in men with very advanced hair loss, the benefits of PRP become less predictable.

The two day filming session will be available for plastic surgeons as part of a teaching series sponsored by the ASPS. The video series encompasses a large range of male plastic surgery procedures including face lifts presented by Dr. Richard Greco of Savannah, Georgia, gynecomastia surgery presented by Dr. Keith Jeffords of Atlanta, Georgia, male rhinoplasty presented by Dr. Jaime Garza of San Antonio, Texas, hair transplantation by Dr. Brian Heil of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Dr. Tim Neavin on hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, penis enhancement, abdominal etching, and injectables for men.

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