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Permanent, Custom Shaped Eyebrow Transplantation

Custom shaped eyebrows using a patient’s own hair is now possible and no longer just a procedure coveted by celebrity clientele. Dr. Neavin offers eyebrow transplantation using the NeoGraft automated hair transplant system. This particular procedure takes hair from the back of the patients head and strategically transplants it to the brow area for the desired look.

There are many reasons why eyebrow transplantation is desirable. Compared to eyebrow tattooing which is permanent ink, the NeoGraft eyebrow transplant leaves a permanent natural brow with your own living hair. Over-plucking over a long period of time can leave brows patchy and thin. Some women are just born with thin, pale brows, and some women just desire a different eyebrow shape. The NeoGraft eyebrow transplant does not leave a visible scar in the donor area or on the brow because each follicle is individually placed. This is a significant benefit compared to more previous methods that remove and place the hair in strips leaving a linear scar.

Eyebrow transplantation is not just another procedure for Dr. Neavin. In 2005, he was the lead researcher on a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center study to find the most attractive eyebrow shapes in women. After evaluating a large number of models, Dr. Neavin found that the high arched brows were a very distinct and ideal brow shape. He not only made note of the brow shape, but the mathematical proportions needed to create this desired brow.

“Medical expertise combined with impressive technology, make fuller, more desirable eyebrows a reality,” said Dr. Neavin. “Not only is the procedure more affordable thanks to the NeoGraft automated hair system, but offers natural looking results without the scarring. In two hours, a patient is able to walk out of my office with their desired eyebrows.”