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New Hair for 2015

Fall and Spring are the busier seasons for hair transplantation.  Many men and women want to look good for summer.  Once June and July hits, people travel and often become more social.  The nice thing about hair transplantation is that there is very little downtime. Downtime comes in many flavors.  There is pain downtime, the ability to be active downtime, and the physical stigma of surgery downtime.  For hair transplantation using NeoGraft, all of the downtime can be lumped into under 10 days.  For one, there is no incisions.  No staples.  No stitches.  This separates this advanced technique from the archaic strip method.  Two, pain is minimal. No incision means no incisional pain.  While most men and women will tell you that they feel like there is a mild burning to the donor and recipient site, this generally resolves within a few days.  Because the procedure is a surface one, the donor site will heal in a few days and the recipient site will show scabs for about a week.  People can resume normal activity the next day. I will tell patients to refrain from strenuous activity such as exercise for 2 weeks.  Thus, while hair transplantation historically was a seasonal thing, it no longer has to with follicular unit extraction using NeoGraft.