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Patient Privacy is Important to us

In this cyber world, physicians must make an effort to protect patients. While every patient photo I post authorizes me to post photos, I understand that people sometimes change their mind. Erasing the image from the site may not always be enough, since websites and their pages are archived. This makes patient privacy compliance a…

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The Power of Hair

For centuries, hair loss has been an accursed symbol of a loss of virility and vitality. In the Old Testament, baldness is one of God’s favorite punishments. Samson’s strength vanished when Delilah discovered his pact with God and she ordered a servant to cut the Israelite’s flowing locks. More recently, take a stroll down to…

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New Trends in Eyebrows

Recently Dr. Neavin was interviewed by The new lower brow is sexier, more of a bedroom eyes look. Are your eyebrows the new erogenous zone? Coming from a world in which brows took a backseat to fluttery lashes and pouty lips – we’re looking at something new here. Bold brows are now considered attractive…

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Your Perfect Brow Shape

Eyebrows are a defining feature on the face. While their purpose is to protect the eyes, they are a facial feature women spend ample time grooming. Brushing, trimming, waxing, threading, tweezing, tattooing, coloring … all to get that perfect brow. The price of beauty, right? Eyebrow shape trends come and go, but what’s most important…

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Eyebrow Transplantation for Thick, Beautiful, Permanent Brows

What do wrinkles, saggy skin, and thin brows have in common? They are all are markers of aging. Wrinkles are often addressed with Botox and skin resurfacing techniques with acid peels and lasers. Saggy skin is often tightening with face lift surgery. And thin brows are enhanced with the addition of more hair. Eyebrow transplantation…

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Eyebrows as Human Barcodes?

What is the allure of the eyebrow? And why do we even have them? God has been pretty masterful in providing humans with body components for very specific, functional or protective purposes. For instance, hair on our scalp protects debris from falling down into our face. So that makes sense. The eyelash protects the cornea…

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Psychological Effects of Hair Loss in Women

Courtesy of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery As psychologically stressful as hair loss is for a man, it is likely to be even more so for a woman. A number of scientific studies have shown that women are more likely than men to suffer psychologically painful effects due to hair loss, and that the…

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Tissue Engineering (Hair Follicle Cloning)

Courtesy of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Dr. Jerry Cooley, M.D. The possibility of creating a large number of hair follicles from a single hair follicle is sometimes inaccurately referred to as “hair follicle cloning”. The term cloning is used by scientists to refer to the technique where genes are inserted into a cell,…

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